Affirming Spirituality

I will be facilitating a 5 week series on Affirming Spirituality 7:00 Wednesday evenings, April 29 through May 27, at the Q Center, 4115 N Mississippi Ave, here in Portland, Oregon.

Ever wonder which spiritual traditions best affirm the unique individual you are?

This series explores fundamental tools of spiritual discernment.  Each participant is encouraged to find and rely on their own inner spiritual authority, taking time to sort between spiritual experiences that proved helpful and those that were either irrelevant or damaging to their spiritual growth.  Participants will be equipped to evaluate their past, present, or future spiritual pursuits, deciphering whether they ring true to one’s own experience and personality.

Topics covered:

  • Surfacing the current questions driving your spiritual journey
  • Tools for spiritual discernment:  sorting through the various needs and wants that tug at our sense of purpose, priorities, and meaning
  • Living in harmony with one’s most authentic self
  • Claiming the spiritual paths and practices that best fit one’s life and personality


SoulVentures operates outside formal religious traditions and structures, and welcomes people from all spiritual traditions, sexual orientations, and gender identities.  The discussions throughout this series are guided by the belief that spirituality is natural and innate to each person and is best cultivated within their own experience.  To keep the atmosphere affirming and safe for all, participants are encouraged to freely share from their personal experience, while respecting others’ diverse experience and perspectives.  Attempting to convert another is not permitted.

Suggested donation: $50 for the series; all are welcome regardless of ability to contribute financially.

If you have questions or desire further information, feel free to contact me.

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