The Why & What


Near Canyon Creek Meadows

SoulVentures operates outside formal religious structures to provide person-centered spiritual consultation and ceremonies, especially when these are needed to mark life’s key transitions. The person-centered focus welcomes clients from all walks of life, regardless of their personal spiritual orientation or religious background. The practice at SoulVentures is based on the belief that spirituality is natural and innate to each person and is cultivated within their own experience.

Each person’s life is unique and significant. The significant meaning of their lives is created moment by moment. The services offered at SoulVentures are not intended to create one’s life meanings and standards, nor to impose them from above. They are offered to help people become aware of and connect the dots of the meanings they carry within. Each person’s spiritual practice is cherished at SoulVentures as a genuinely sacred experience.

Spiritual consultation allows clients to become more intimately aware of the inner dialogue that is constantly flowing between themselves and life’s transcendent realities. Cultivating awareness allows clients to engage consciously and actively in that conversation, and to be coached in practices that enable them to be better connected to the divine realities of their lives. Spiritual consultation can be provided in an individualized setting, within a group gathered for a mutual topic of concern, or formalized as a retreat.

Ceremonies offered include weddings and funerals, tailored to the beliefs and preferences of individuals. They also include less frequently observed rituals, such as a living funeral, the welcoming of a new child to the family, or any moment for reflection or celebration needed to mark the closing of an important life chapter or the opening of another.

Professional Biography

Jim Logan

Jim’s expertise in providing spiritual guidance and crafting meaningful ceremonies was cultivated throughout a 24-year career in ordained ministry. His formal ministry, which included supervisory work over a 67,000 square mile area, spanned rural and urban settings, demanding a sense of intimate connection with those he served. He creatively navigated the formalities of weddings and funerals, tailoring them to the unique personalities of the people he served.

As an adviser and teacher in the field of spirituality, he helps individuals explore and integrate dynamic tensions between various traditions and the desires of their own heart and soul. His education in comparative religions and his work in interfaith and multicultural settings broadened his appreciation for the varieties of spiritual paths that nurture the human soul. His practice emphasizes finding and living a path that is rooted in an individual’s experience and natural inclinations. Clients maintain their freedom to explore their inner life in an open-minded and affirming setting.

Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and liberal arts with an emphasis on religious studies, as well as master’s degrees in theology and spirituality.