SoulVentures firmly believes all people have the right and freedom to marry the person they love. SoulVentures embraces marriage equality and welcomes the opportunity to assist any couple celebrate their wedding.  As a wedding officiant based in Portland, Oregon, I customize the ceremony that best expresses the unique personalities of the couple and the life they have chosen to weave together.

Relationships are complicated, and the process of attending to all the details of a wedding can be complicated. In the swirl of last minute details, a couple needs a place to stand with each other, fully grounded in the sacred trust they share. I work with each couple to create a ceremony that expresses the warmth and intimacy of their vows—a moment in which they can be fully present to each other on this momentous occasion.

At the heart of any wedding is a fundamental truth: two people have found in each other an opportunity to cherish another and be cherished in return, an experience so dear they choose to commit their lives to one another. A wedding is a celebration of love and happiness, gathering family and friends to share their joy and to elicit a pledge of support from the people who matter most to the couple.

My person-centered approach starts with meeting a couple and getting to know their life stories. I work with them to create a service that expresses their unique personalities and spirituality, drawing from any sources of inspiration that are helpful to the couple. I focus on their shared vision of life and what their relationship means to them. I honor each couple’s beliefs, seeking to incorporate elements drawn from their own spiritual practices. At the wedding, I conduct the ceremony with warmth and caring, having made a personal investment in the life of the couple. I make it a point to engage the minds and hearts of the couple’s families and friends who have gathered with them for their special day.

James P Logan, Wedding Officiant, based in Portland Oregon