Life Celebrations

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At SoulVentures, any key life transition is important enough to mark it with a ceremony or ritual. Creating the ceremony or ritual enables a client to give concrete and tangible expression to the complex emotional and spiritual realities that are at work within. Externalizing these complex realities allows clients to express gratitude for the joy, hope, and blessings they experience in the happier life transitions. It also allows clients to find comfort and direction from their spiritual wisdom for those life transitions that involve sadness, grief, tragedy, or tremendous struggle. Examples of key life transitions that could be marked by ritual or ceremony include:


Naming a child

Welcoming a child to the family

Grieving a miscarriage

Receiving an award

A job or career promotion

The loss of a job or career

Moving away from a home

Blessing a new home

An engagement or marriage proposal

Grieving a divorce

Celebrating a divorce

Celebrating a milestone in recovery

Receiving a serious medical diagnosis

Celebrating one’s restoration to
good health

Embarking upon or returning from extended travel


Celebrating a wedding anniversary

I have the skills, resources, and creativity to work with clients to customize and personalize any ceremony needed for any life-changing moment.